Wednesday Message for September 20, 2017

A brief connection to God’s Spirit in the middle of the week.

Wednesday Message 9-20-17
Wednesday Greetings,

“Courage is… like a kite; a contrary wind raises it higher.” (J. Petit-Senn)

I know.  If you really understand this quote, you will be really frustrated by it.  I mean really…. what kite doesn’t want to fly?  And yet to fly, it has to face the contrary winds.

And who among us wants to always do that in our lives?

But if we know that those contrary winds can be used as lift, then we face the opposition in our lives differently.

So, those who are addicted, and trying to get out of the addiction, learn that they have to face the addiction to fly above it.

Those who want to accomplish a goal know that the climb is not easy, and that the challenges along the way are really the things that make us grow and help us to accomplish the goal.

You know the truth of this quote.  Now it’s time to use its truth… to fly!

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde

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