Wednesday Message for June 27, 2018

Wednesday Greetings,

Grrrrrrrr.   As I approached the entrance to the church this morning, I saw the traffic cop tucked in a bit behind our church wall along Broadway, watching for speeders.   Of course, I quickly checked my speed, and was grateful that I had to slow down to turn in to the church campus.

I grumbled a bit about those nasty cops trying to catch us speeding.   And then I realized, that if I wasn’t speeding, if I would actually follow the laws of the road, …..

and then I realized…. it was about me…   it’s about my decisions in how I live.   Dang….  can’t blame someone else today.

How about you?

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde



Children are welcome in worship.
Blue activity bags are available at worship entrances.

8:30 AM Worship
Contemporary and Casual Style
In Fellowship Hall around tables.
Music is led by our band, a “soft rock” style.

9:30 a.m.  Sunday Funday School
There are classes for all ages,
growing in Christian Discipleship.

10:45 AM Worship 
More Traditional in style.
In our Sanctuary (in the Round)
Music is led by our choirs and organist/pianist.

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