Wednesday Message for June 20, 2018

Wednesday Greetings,

I’m hot.   “Lord, cool it down.”
I’m cold.  “Lord, warm it up.”

I don’t know what to choose.  “Lord, tell me what to do.”
I’m lost.  “Lord, show me the way.”

I’m hurting.   “Lord, heal me.”
My …. is sick.   “Lord, heal her/him.”

Most of our prayers are spent telling God what to do.

Think about that.  Even on the most generous of prayers when we are asking on behalf of others…
Lord, heal, help, fix, change…..

And much of the time, we end up disappointed because God doesn’t do what we want, doesn’t do it our way, or sometimes doesn’t seem to respond at all.

Part if what I learned on my Sabbatical time was that I need to trust God more.   And that’s more difficult than it sounds when you know what healing or direction or help you need…. and it doesn’t come.

So, I’ve been challenging my prayer life.  And it’s sounding more like this:

“Lord, I’m hot/cold…   Thank you for the change in seasons.  And thanks for letting me live in Tucson, where our cold is someone else’s warm!  Thank for the different kinds of clothing that I have to endure the season.

Lord, I don’t know what to choose.  I’m lost…   Wow, Lord, I have a lot of choices in my life.  Not everyone has that.  Some have more.   Thank you for giving me a brain/mind that can think through and make a decision.   And Lord, if I make the wrong one, one that doesn’t honor you, thank you for showing me the way back to what is right.

Lord, I need healing.  Lord, my ….. needs healing.  Thank you for your power and grace.  Thank you for being with me when things are well and when they’re not.   Thank you for dancing with me in joy and for sitting next to me in sorrow.   I don’t understand…. but I’m grateful for your promise to always be near me.”

I’m working at staying in gratitude and letting God do whatever it is God does in any request.   And I’m learning to trust that God knows.   And I’m learning to trust that God knows what God wants, what is best, what is part of a plan,… stuff I don’t know and can’t understand.

So, no matter the answer to my prayers… I am learning to trust God.

Sounds easy…. till you really try it.
Let me know how it goes for you!

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde

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