Wednesday Message for June 13, 2018

Wednesday Greetings,

I’m back.

I’ve been away on the first half of my Sabbatical Leave this year.  Among the many books I read, the prayers I prayed for all of you, the sermon themes I waded through, the scuba training class I completed, I found that I had fallen into the proverbial professional trap of my faith.

It’s not uncommon for pastors to do all their spiritual growth, study, serving, reading of the Bible, in order to teach, preach, and help others in their faith journeys.   And sometimes we forget about our own faith journey.

For the last 22 years, CPC has been a place that has allowed me my times of assurance and times of doubt, my times of proclamation and my times of questioning.   So, you’ve seen parts of my own journey.   But there are parts that are only for me, a relationship with God in Christ that is no one else’s but my own.   And over the years, I have to admit, their are times when I neglected that part of my relationship with God in Christ.

I’ve relearned the joy of prayer, study, Bible reading and book reading, and just walking… with God.  (Oh, when the weather breaks in Tucson, I’d like to start a new ministry:  I’ll Walk With God… Meditations in Motion.   I was thinking folks could meet me for walks that would be intentionally spiritual in nature.  It could be in our CPC gym, Reid park, Udall Park, Sabino Canyon, along Broadway, …. wherever.  I found it valuable to walk along the beach in Mexico and just …. walk with God.   Maybe you’ll join me in some of my walks.)

One of my favorite books I rediscovered in the daily meditation, JESUS CALLING, by Sarah Young.   It’s an intensely spiritual conversation from the voice of Jesus (of course she takes artistic license), but more often than not, each day struck a chord and gave me great conversations with God along the beach, or wherever I was.

I’m back.

Not just to CPC, but in my own, personal walk with God in Jesus the Christ.  It’s a good place to be (and yet challenging, there’s nothing you can hide when you walk with the Lord).

I look forward to walking with you…. and more of my own walks with the Lord.

I hope you find yourself walking too!

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde



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