Wednesday Message for August 29, 2018

Wednesday Greetings,

Well, Arizona held it’s primary election yesterday.  Some that I voted for rose to the top.  Some didn’t.   Did my vote count?

You bet it did.

It gave me a chance to honor part of what makes this country great: the people have not only a voice, but a vote.  There’s power not just in those elected, but in those who elect.

And that’s important.  Shared power is a Jesus thing.  Remember, he may have said to people, “Come, follow me.”  But once they did, he also said to them, “Go, and do.”   He shared his power.

Our faith isn’t just about believing, it’s about living what we believe.  We are empowered by the Spirit to do so.

Our part in this country isn’t about holding an ideal, but living that ideal and voting for others as leaders who will do the same.  And if that didn’t happen, this time, it can happen next time!

That’s the wonder of shared power.

So, are you a hoarder or sharer?  I know WWJD!

Peace in our journeys, (and our elections)…
Pastor Steve Melde

P.S.   I’m headed out on Sabbatical leave.  This extended period of time away from the congregation will allow me time to focus on worship and leading the congregation.  I’m going to be focusing my studies on, #theother167.   There are 168 hours in a week.  Beyond the one hour of worship, how can you grow your relationship with God in Jesus Christ?  This will be the focus of my preaching and teaching in January 2019.

Our next Wednesday Message will be October 24.  See you then.

Peace in our journeys, (and our Sabbaticals)
Pastor Steve Melde

P.P.S.  I am so deeply grateful for the congregation’s honoring of my 22nd year as Pastor of this church, and my 30th year of ordination to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament.  May we continue, together, to grow deeper in love with God through Jesus the Christ.   Thank you all.

Peace in our journeys, (and all our anniversaries)
Pastor Steve Melde



Children are welcome in worship.
Blue activity bags are available at worship entrances.

8:30 AM Worship
Contemporary and Casual Style
In Fellowship Hall around tables.
Music is led by our band, a “soft rock” style.

9:30 a.m.  Sunday Funday School
There are classes for all ages,
growing in Christian Discipleship.

10:45 AM Worship 
More Traditional in style.
In our Sanctuary (in the Round)
Music is led by our choirs and organist/pianist.

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