Wednesday Message for August 22, 2018

Wednesday Greetings,

Many of us have something in our life that really bothers us.  And most of us think, “If I could just understand why, I would be able to deal with it.”


Oy, the heat!  Tucson experiences amazing heat in the July and August months.  Humidity levels rise above 4%, dew points climb, and it’s just uncomfortable.    Why does it have to be so hot?   If only I could understand why….

Well, let me tell you one reason it’s hot.   It’s the desert.  Deserts are usually hot.  Oh, and another reason… it’s August, and it’s always hot in August.  In fact, we want it to be hot in August.  You see, the more the heat builds in the day, the more likely we are to build monsoon rain storms in the late afternoons.  And the desert needs rain!  If the heat doesn’t build, then neither do the storms… and the rain doesn’t make it to the earth.

There.  Does that understanding make the heat ok?  No, it’s still hot!  And we have to deal with the heat.

It’s just what it is.

And that’s the hard truth and understanding for most of us.  It’s just what it is.  Some of us have challenges that don’t go away.  It’s just what it is.   It isn’t bad; it isn’t good.  It isn’t God’s punishment, nor is it God’s favor.  It’s just what it is.

There.  Does that understanding make the heat (of your challenge) ok?  No, it’s still challenging.  And you still have to deal with the challenge.

So, deal with it.  And don’t add the extra burden of thinking it is something more than…. just what it is.  If you can get out of the challenge… do so!  Why would you stay in it?   If it’s something that truly can never go away, then deal with it as it is.  Stop adding the burden of your judgment or the judgment of others….   it’s just what it is.

Oh… and the best news… in the midst of what it is…. is God…. right here in the challenge with you.  I think it’s pretty incredible that the great Creator of the Universe is willing to come alongside us and be with us… not matter who, no matter what, no matter where, or why or when… It’s just what it is.

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde



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