Wednesday Message for April 4, 2018

Wednesday Greetings,

In the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 16, we are told three women went to the tomb of Jesus, early on what we know as Resurrection Sunday.  They were headed there to continue and finish the blessing of his body, with ointments and spices, his dead body.On the way they asked each other, “Who’s going to roll away the stone from the tomb?”   It was a HUGE stone, three could not have done it.

When they arrived at the tomb, the stone had already been rolled away.

You see, God does Amazing things.  When you can’t, God does!

We are in a relationship with God.  God taking care of God’s stuff; us taking care of our stuff.  We work together to show the Kingdom of God, here on earth, even as we proclaim it in Heaven.

Some things you will have to do on your own (buy spices and ointments).  Somethings that are impossible for you, will be done for you (stones are rolled aside).

Notice, the stone did not disappear.  It was there always a reminder of what God had done in their lives.

Your “stone” may still be present, but you need to let God roll it aside so that it is no longer a barrier between you and God, an impediment between your challenge and your possibilities.

All of us have something that weighs us down.  Giving that weight to God doesn’t always mean being fully freed from perhaps even the sight of that weight.   But you have lots of gifts, there are many joys in life….   and when you let God roll the stone aside… you will learn to live your life more faithfully, joyfully, amazingly!

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde

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