Wednesday Message for April 19, 2017

A brief connection to God’s Spirit in the middle of the week.

Wednesday Message 4-19-17
Wednesday Greetings,
Resurrection? What Resurrection?

We’re on to what’s next; the Resurrection is so last-Sunday.

Sometimes it feels like that’s how we treat all of these faith holidays: Christmas and Easter. We love them, we plan for them, we anticipate them, we experience them, and then we put them away and go on to what’s next.

Don’t let that happen this year. Let the Good News of the Resurrection continue to change your life. Find ways and places that it really does make a difference. And know that every way and in every place, it really does make a difference. It changes how we face everything we face!

Christ is Risen! He Is Risen, Indeed!

Peace in our journeys,
Pastor Steve Melde

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