Leadership Directory

Session Leadership Team

CPC committees and the Elder(s)
that serve as chair/co-chairs:

Clerk of Session
Julie McCrea

Tom Bradley

Buildings & Grounds
Cathy Wade

Adult Christian Education
Ann Larrabee

Children’s Christian Education
Laura Cech

Youth Christian Education/Fellowship
Sharon Beck

Outreach & Communication
Fred Hubbard

Membership Care
Dorothy Courville

Mission Team
Cheryll Dunafon

Nominating Team
Marian Rogerson

Doug Thompson

Finance and Stewardship
Linda Tillema

Vision Team
Laura Manning

Worship Team
Kenda Parkey

Teen Elder
Dean Friskey


Deacon Leadership Team

The CPC Deacons and their ministry areas:

Cards of Caring
Lois Koch, Kathy Kimball

Sunday Fellowship
Kim McDonald, Pam Cullop

Memorial Receptions
Glee Alberding, Judith Peters

Prayer Chain
Jonathan Alberding, Diane Denien

Helping Hands
Sally Brandon, Judy Hamlet

Compassion Connections
Patricia Courtier, Larry Biehl